Segmere Waifs

The collective name for the children rescued by the Segmere Expedition in 3973, coined by the reporter Vancemar Jak.

Thais Miggren: 3966-4029 Human female of Amalli descent. Born into a farm family living along the west rim, Thais was taken from her bed when she was seven years old by a kidnapper in the employ of the Foulspawn. She had been handed off to the cultists, who carried her deep into the underdark for several days before she was added to the transport coffle the Segmere Expedition would shortly encounter.

After the media frenzy following the rescue subsided, Thais was one of the lucky few waifs able to return to her family.

Elethin Stridegrass:

Kaiyet tar Kaiye:

Allarin Fairnape:

Timin Fairnape:

Metix: 3964-3983

Levias Zik Tarraugh Polgryl:

At’Anchras Cor Cotto:

Shainn Willowdaughter:

Unknown male Eladrin: ???-3973

Segmere Waifs

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