Segmere Expedition

The Segmere Expedition was a scientific expedition launched from Amallus in the year 3973, funded by Ellstaire Segmere. Segmere’s goal was to prove his belief, considered eccentric and heretical at the time, that the subterranean caves beneath Amallus led to other realms. It was launched under fierce protest and condemnation by the Church of Amallus, and only the vast power and fortune of the Segmere’s family mining business prevented him from being locked up by the inquisition for even considering such an idea.

While the expedition did not reach another realm (which would not happen for another eight years with the Voyage of the Gillen Hawk, it did produce the first tangible proof of other peoples. Miles underground, the expedition came upon a party of Foulspawn, which until then had been mostly considered mythological. Along with the foulspawn were a dozen captive children, being marched off to some awful fate. While some of the children were clearly Amalli, many were of races never before seen, including Eladrin, Halfling, Goliath and Tiefling children.

The expedition attacked and overcame the foulspawn, and were able to rescue the children. A press frenzy ensued, as reporters sent dispatches to the surface bearing the news, and by the time the expedition returned to the Amalli surface, the Segmere Waifs (as the children had become known) were already famous.

The discovery of the Segmere Waifs was instrumental in proving the existence of other races and other realms, and is considered by most to have helped trigger the Amallean Wars a decade later.

Segmere Expedition

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