Amallean Wars

The Amallean wars are the collective name for a series of battles between the ruling Church of Amallus and the combined forces of the Legions of Free Thought and the Reformist Blades. The bloody conflict, which lasted from 3980 to 3988, resulted in the overthrow of the orthodox Church as rulers of Amallea.


Throughout its’ four-thousand year rule of Amallea, the Church of Amallus taught a strict, literal interpretation of the Codex Mallea, the holy scriptures purportedly set down by Amallus himself. Through a combination of military might, economic power and religious persecution through the inquisition, no other faiths were tolerated in Amallea, nor was any questioning of the church permitted. While there were few brief periods of civil strife between the Church Hegemony and heretic splinter sects, none were of any real threat to the orthodoxy, and the church enjoyed the longest unbroken rule of any political entity among the known realms.

Among the key beliefs taught by the Church was that there were no other realms besides Amallus, and no other people besides Amalleans. In a few rare cases, inhabitants of other realms wandered out from caves along the Amalli rim- these unfortunates were immediately identified as demons by soldiers of the Inquisition before being quickly and publicly killed.

The Dogma Challenged

Amallean Wars

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